Le Mazet-Saint-Voy

Le Mazet-Saint-Voy, , a great Resistance fighter

Le Mazet St Voy is characterized by his Reformed faith since the 16th century and remains one of the major sites of Protestantism.

Located next to the Mont Mézenc (a sleeping volcano), the village allows you with its beautiful walking paths to pick mushrooms, blueberries and raspberries. And also, to discover traditional farms with “lauze” stone roofs (slate roofs), water mills, bread ovens, the Romanesque church of Saint Voy and its botanic garden.

Altitude : 875 m (mini) – 1 283 m (maxi)
Longitude : 4.250209
Latitude : 45.050369
Population : 1145  inhabitants

Map of Le Mazet-Saint-Voy

Contact Le Mazet-Saint-Voy CONTACT US AT THE TOWN HALL

Le Bourg
43520 Le Mazet-Saint-Voy
04 71 65 01 09

Opening hours of the town hall:
On Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8am to 12am / 2pm to 6pm
On Wednesdays and Fridays: 8am to 12am
On Saturdays: 8am to 12am / 2pm to 4pm
Mondays closed

Internet  Mazet-Saint-Voy

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