Le Pic du Lizieux

The Haut-Lignon has a crystalline surface that is covered with volcanic formations on its western part, this is the peak of Lizieux which is 12,7 million years old.

The Lizieux is the exit point of a viscous lava that has flowed and has created the Plateau.
At the top, you will enjoy a great view of the Mézenc and the Meygal.

Randonnée à voir Hiking

Bonas Foolpath or PR 639 a walk of 1 hour 30 minutes, 4,7km, sometimes very hilly, follow the markings (directional terminals). You can get more information with a leaflet available in the tourist office and also with a guide book named “Le sentier de Bonas au pic du Lizieux” (The Bonas trail to the peak of Lizieux

Lizieux Foolpath or PR 33,

a walk of 4 hours 15 minutes, 13,5 km, starting point: Saint-Voy Church, you can get more information with a descriptive sheet available in the tourist office.

The climb to the peak of Lizieux is located at 1388 meters of altitude.

Accessible to all, wear comfortable walking shoes.

Orientation table at the top.

How to get there ?

From the chalet of the Lizieux, follow the road D7 from St-Jeures or D42 from Araules.

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