« Pont du Fraysse » Watermill

A site from before 1831.

« Pont DU fraysse »  watermill

In Saint-Jeures

The watermill was created before 1831. It was then owned by Joseph Alexandre du Moulin du Fraisse, the mayor of the town;

Originally, there were two watermills. They have been demolished in 1870 and 1887 and rebuilt in 1888 with two distinct functions: to saw and to grind.

Linked with a large lock, the watermill “du Pont de Fraysse” is composed of two perpendicular buildings. The roof is made from traditional lauze-stones and its renovated facades reflect the interest that the owners have in renovating the watermill. The main activity was the manufacture of flour for animals. The watermill also served as a sawmill.

It is composed of two pairs of millstones with two water inlets and two horizontal bucket wheels.

The renovation of the millstones was to revive the furrows blunted by the friction.

Constantly maintained and renovated by the same family, the structure has ceased operating in 1981.


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